Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Julius Bradley - Another Chance

Another Chance

Hey, everybody. I'm not sure if you remember this but, back in May of 2006, I told you about a trip I made to Royal Studio in Memphis. I spoke about a great guy I met while I was there, who was kind enough to show me around. He was working on a Gospel album at Royal, he told me, and promised that when it was finished he'd send us a copy.

Well, here it is.

Julius Bradley was born in Memphis. As the son of the Reverend Archie Bradley, he grew up surrounded by music at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church. He became a member of the Concert Choir at Lane College in the early sixties, further developing his appreciation and love of African-American music. Graduating in 1964, he returned home to a city that was just entering it's 'golden age' of Soul. As a young musician, he studied under the great Onzie Horne, and began a lifelong association with Willie Mitchell.

Over the course of time, Julius became a regular at Royal, involved in all aspects of recording and production. Working with Willie, he also developed his songwriting skills, composing songs for Al Green, Otis Clay, Lynn White and others. He Is Coming Back is the culmination of those years of study, and represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. With Bradley writing and aranging all the tunes on the album, it was also "mixed, engineered and co-produced under the tutelage and by the Learned Hand of 'The Master' - Mr. Willie Mitchell."

A collaboration between two old friends, the album is a warm and welcome affirmation of life. I know I can certainly relate to what Julius is saying here in today's selection... we could all use Another Chance.

While the details of sales and distribution are still being sorted out, you can order a copy of the CD from:
PO Box 1972
Memphis, TN 38101

Thank You, Julius, for remembering us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love another chance
love cecile washington

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best gospel cd's i've heard, beautifully written and composed.

4:15 PM  

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